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About Ten Kate Motorcycles

Ten Kate Motorcycles Holland. A famous name in motorcycle riding and racing! Enjoy the experience!

Ten Kate Motorcycles

Ten Kate Motoren

Motorcycle Gear Shop (1200m2)

Kledingshop motorkleding

Showroom - New Honda models

Showroom nieuwe Honda modellen


Ten Kate Motorcycles is Holland's best motorcycle experience. Our store includes:

A Showroom. With all the new Honda models and accessories. Besides the new bikes, you'll find the right occasion for anyone!

A large assortment of parts and accessories. To fix and maintain your bike in the best possible way.

A motorcycle gear department. Our second floor is completely filled with motorcycle gear. All the gear from all the big brands are available in our 1200m2 store!

An outlet section, where we offer the best deals for every budget.

A workshop area, were bikes are fixed, changed and maintained.

And of course a big racing department, which is the home of our world championship winning raceteam!

Can't wait to take a look at Ten Kate Motorcycles? Check out our virtual tour here!