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AIM Evo 4S data logger

AIM Evo 4S data logger

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Product Description

Pros & cons

  • 3-axle gyro
  • 5 x analog input
  • 2 x extra speed input
  • 1 x RPM-input & 1 x digital input
  • GPS08 module/antenna
De AIM EVO 4S data logger is the evolution of the Evo4 and can be mounted on any race bike. De EVO 4S has 5 free configurable analog inputs and are expendable to channel expansions. The integrated GPS module has an external antenna for optimal reception.
The EVO4S features a 3-axle G-force sensor and 2 speed entrances (+2 Channel expansion) which transfer information to the EVO4S about the bike adjustments to be made and the riding technique to be improved. Via CAN, RS232 or K-line the EVO4S can communicate with several motor management systems. Many signals provided by the on the ECU connected sensors can be saved on the EVO 4S without using analog channels.

The integrated GPS-08 module updates 10 times per second and provides very accurate information about: 3D, gyro, GPS-speed, position, ridden race lines, bank angles, longitudinal and transverse forces and direction. If EVO4S the finish line of the track and the split coordinates are known by the EVO4, it can calculate and show lap times and split times.

The Evo4S has a complete configurable CAN bus for both CAN-output and CAN-input. The system can be expanded via the CAN bus by connecting extra AIM modules like a dash board, lambda sensors and extra channels.

The EVO 4S is delivered with the user friendly Race Studio 3 software. This software offers extensive possibilities for configuration and analyzing the collected data. Software updates can be downloaded for free online.

- Internal memory: 4 GB (max 5 kHz).
- ECU connection: CAN, RS232 or K-Line.
- External modules connection: Channel expansion, TC Hub, Lambda controller, SmartyCam HD.
- Analog inputs: 5 fully configurable, max 1,000 Hz each. With configurable 12 bit, 0-5 Volt, 0-500-500 mV, thermocouple input or mV inputs, used to sample data coming from pressure, , suspension, temperature or other kinds of sensors.
- Digital inputs: 2 Speed inputs, lap signal, coil RPM input which monitors the different wheels behavior.
- 1 RPM input which manages pulse signals picked from the coil command (low voltage) or square wave signals transmitted by the ECU.
- Inertial platform: Internal 3 axis +/-5G accelerometer + 3 axis gyro.
- Digital outputs: 1 (1 Amp max).
- Connectors : 13 Binder connectors.
- Body: Anodised aluminum.
- LEDs : 1 system status.
- Dimensions: 130 x 35 x 46.6 mm.
- Weight: 330g.
- Waterproof : IP65.

What is in the box
- AIM EVO 4S data logger.
- GPS-08 module/antenna.
- Download cable.
- AIM Race Studio 3 software.
- ECU interface cable.
- External power supply cable 12v.

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