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Use this plug and play GET ECU to improve engine performance of your NSF250R!!

Ease of installation: this ECU system is fully compatible with the original wiring harness of the Bike and does not need any modifications to the flywheel pick up sensor pattern nor it needs and auxiliary battery. Installation instructions are also included.

Ease of use: the ECU is delivered with a ready developed performance map inside, outperforming the stock version (see power graph chart, later in this Flexibility: there is the possibility to fully re-design or adapt the Map inside the ECU to your own needs via 3 different ways of interaction. Expandability: GET offer a many other P&P products designed around its application such as data logging and many other accessories helping you to develop speed

P&P replacement ECU Kit, designed for the Moto3 Honda NSF 250R in HRC configuration, including specifically developed performance Map.

The ECU case is out of specific fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and the potting is done to the latest automotive standards, especially resisting to vibrations and harsh environments assuring high standards of reliability.

The KM3EVO controls and manages directly Fuel injection as well as Ignition advance, acting in real time to the needs of the Engine for best performance.

The connection to the Bike is done thru a specifically developed P&P harness designed by GET, assuring safe and quick installation.

The additional analogue and digital inputs allow to control and tune on specific Map tables, parameters such as PIT LIMITER, LAUNCH CONTROL, STEPPER

MOTOR, if the requested sensors are fitted.

To increase engine performance the system can be extended to use a secondary fuelinjector. This injector is fit above the inlet trumpet and will give the fuel more time to get a better mixture which finally gives better top performance.

The system is compatible with the by TKRP delivered AIM data systems, but it is also possible to install Data Logging systems to connect P&P to the Can Bus communication line and analyze data such as; Speed, Engine RPM, TPS Position,
Injection time, Ignition angle, Temperatures etc….

Hardware Specifications:

Microcontroller Renesas SH2 Family 32 Bit RISC 80 MHz 100 MIPS

Memory: 256 Kb Flash 16Kb RAM

Power supply 13.5 VDC nominal (range 6VDC – 18VDC)

Current draw (nominal, without load)

Control over 2 fuel injectors

Auxiliary Power to control for example cooling fans or fuel pump

11 analogue input channels to connect for example, temperature sensors, TPS input, Lambda signal etc

; 6 digital input channels to connect for example, speed sensors, RPM pick up sensor etc

; Integrated barometric pressure sensor

; RS 232 serial communication port

CAN bus High speed 1 Mb/s communication port

The GET ECU can be delivered with the by TKRP developed base mapping. This mapping can be finetuned on track using the VT1 Manual Tuning Device:

The hand held, VT1, represents the entry level of ECU programming and management on GET ECU

designed for all Offroad/road
applications. The device is easy to connect and allows for rapid and intuitive changes of several aspects of the MAP, please see chart later in this presentation. If connected to the Bike with running engine it will take the power from the ECU or when used otherwise it can be connected to a 12V power

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