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I2M dash chrome universal

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Product Description

I2M Dash Chrome

Universal fit all race bike types.

Chrome dashboard is a true innovation among motorbike aftermarket dashboards. Thanks to a true color 800x480 display and to a 400MHz processor, this dashboard guarantees extreme flexibility both for the designer and for the final user. Thanks to this new technology it is possible to configure the main screen to best fit riders needs, either on the roads or on tracks, allowing proper room for each display indicator. A color display allow to highlight warning signals such as a low battery charge, an empty tank or lack of oil and reserve level. In the meanwhile this technology makes it easy to realize user friendly menus with a lot of info..

2M chose this kind of display because it allows a perfect reading with direct sunlight too. A special anti-glare glass removes unpleasant sunlight effects. To improve furthermore its usability, Chrome have 12 high brightness leds fully customizable; each pilot can choose the alarms configuration they prefer, the traditional RPM bar, the low tire temperature alarm. The aluminum case and a seven segment gear indicator auto adjusted in brightness complete the aesthetic side of this dashboard. Chrome is at the same time a dashboard, a chronograph and a data acquisition system. One can use its useful menus to choose 20 pre-loaded circuits (and modify them as needed by importing/exporting to a USB key). For each circuit 500 laps are recordable, and for each lap 3 splits are available. Chrome calculates and shows to the user the summary of each circuit data such as map, best lap, ideal lap, number of performed laps. It keeps different stored data both for previous days sessions and for those of the current day in a way that allows the pilot to rapidly assess the daily trend. On the graphic display you can directly inspect the circuit map so you can change the finish line or splits position using the dedicated cursor along the track.


- 800x480 Graphic Color Display

- High visibility even in direct sunlight

- 400MHz Processor, 1G memory

- Aluminum case

- Fully customizable in two configuration ROAD/TRACK

- 10Hz Trajectory and GPS speed acquisition, 66 parallel channels

- Chronograph whit 20 pre-loaded tracks, 500 laps per track

- Track Auto identification, 3 splits

- Best Lap, Ideal Lap, Best historical and daily values

- User friendly interface

- 12 high brightness alarm leds, fully customizable

- 8 10 bits analog inputs

- 2 distinct sped inputs

- 1 RPM input

- Water, fuel, oil inputs with dedicate alarms

- Gear in use

- Data download via USB key

- 2 buttons for remote command

- CAN BUS ready

- 3 different distance meters, up to 2 hours

- Auto generated stoichiometric ratios table (optional probe)

- Compact sizes [172mm x 106mm x 22mm]

- Water resistant

Dash is available for many models! Pleas contact us about the possibilities

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